Rainwater Recycling Systems

29,000 gallons of water pass through a 2,000 square foot area in a year. That’s the average roof, driveway and patio coverage of a typical home (more than 590 50-gallon drums). Reclaim, reuse and recycle that water with a rainwater recycling system from Waterstone Landscaping.

How it Works:

  • Take any surface, such as a lawn, patio or driveway
  • Create a reservoir using non-permeable membranes and our patented permeable support technology
  • Lay a gravel surface, and put down a paver patio, driveway, lawn, or permeable deck
  • With the installed pump, your reclaimed water is constantly being circulated
  • The result: a constant supply of fresh, clean iron-free rain water


  • Water your lawn with no more city ‘off’ days
  • Feed a fountain or waterfall
  • Water your plants
  • Save on your water bill


  • Safe: Our support structure can hold thousands of pounds.
  • Clean: Your reclaimed rainwater is fresh and iron-free. No more iron stains or pond maintenance. It’s the green way to save water!
  • Attractive: The system doesn’t take up space or create standing water. It stays cool in the summer (like sitting over a lake).
  • Ease of Installation: The system can be installed year-round, so there is no need to wait for spring.