Sustainable Landscaping

Waterstone Landscaping prides itself on making spaces beautiful and durable, and that means keeping spaces and environments healthy and uninterrupted. Our mission is to compliment the beautiful world around us, meet the visual and physical goals of our customers, and embrace new ideas and methods that can continuously help our end-product to be the very best on the market - all while keeping our environmental footprint as small as possible.

We carefully evaluate each space in conjunction with the requests of our clients to custom-tailor the perfect suggested solution for them, and take the time to discuss all avenues of ecological impact or benefits.

General List of Things to Consider:

  • Customer space usage goals, maintenance goals, timeline, and budget
  • Surrounding vegetation of project area
  • Soil quality and mixture
  • Water table and topography for runoff
  • Potential for rainwater recycling
  • Climate/seasonal impact
  • Obtaining permits when necessary